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1. The leaf/dust cloud is them digging for Treasures. The shoe, among other things, is one such item. I've had them find flowers, screws, acorns, etc. They'll do this anywhere outside, you'll see it often if you kill time in the Park. You'll know if they fart, it makes a fart noise and releases a little brown poot cloud.

2. I haven't seen that, so I'm not sure.

3. "Pero pero" is them doing lick-lick. Generally in the comics it's done to encourage/heal other yu's that are hurt/dirty (though I'm not sure it heals other yu's in the game). Parents do it to babies also, in order to clean them.

OK; IDK if "pero pero" was strictly an eating sound.

As far as the digging, I'd only seen them do it in trash cans, and that's why I thought they were producing items under stress. I brought a shithead Reimu home and scolded her to the point she lost all hair. I threw her in the trash next to the house, and the dust cloud started. A shoe popped out, and she tried to get it on her head, so I think this is them trying to replace lost accessories?

re: the shoe on head. It's one of the things they do when playing with toys/treasures, basically they're carrying it. I pulled out the drum toy once, for example, and a Marisa carried it all over the room. When another yukkuri picked it up later that Marisa started crying/puffing because she'd made it her treasure and didn't want to share.

I've seen them fight to steal accessories, though, so maybe if you knock one off and keep it away they'll try to replace it with other junk. Would be neat if so, I'll have to try it.

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