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artist name BUR approved user 4764 OniisanBot
Manchouli BUR approved user 4764 OniisanBot
vanilla -> non_violent approved EasyV OniisanBot
Some implication approved Cosmos KusoNingen
spicy rejected Ahegao EasyV
Tag aliases, etc. approved EasyV OniisanBot
about the "tarinai" tag approved KusoNingen OniisanBot
adoption approved Ahegao OniisanBot
proud smug approved Ahegao OniisanBot
Some alias and implication approved Cosmos OniisanBot
Made a mistake with glove approved redtails OniisanBot
On family friendliness page 2 EasyV Newbice
Tag Misspelling approved NeoMyon OniisanBot
chinese -> meta rejected Mikato EasyV
Donut and doughnut approved redtails OniisanBot
alias microwave_oven -> microwave rejected redtails OniisanBot
Coin and coins approved redtails EasyV
Some implications approved Cosmos OniisanBot
Touhou implication (HRtP-WBaWC + Kourindou-Suichouka:9) page 2 approved Mikato Mikato
sealed_eye and sealed_eyes approved redtails OniisanBot
Costume and outfit rejected redtails OniisanBot
Fridge -> refrigerator approved redtails redtails
bulging_eye to eye_bulging approved redtails OniisanBot
wound -> injury approved Mikato EasyV
photo -> meta approved Mikato OniisanBot
4koma meta approved Cosmos EasyV
Tears of joy approved redtails OniisanBot
facemask -> mouth_mask approved redtails redtails
Box_cutter -> boxcutter approved redtails OniisanBot
some implication approved Cosmos OniisanBot
Remove implication humansex -> anon approved redtails OniisanBot
marisa & happy_marisa Mikato EasyV
Chigaunsuyo Mikato Mikato
textless meta approved Cosmos OniisanBot
Some implicaiton approved Cosmos OniisanBot
urethera(anatomy) rejected redtails redtails
Stray and gutter trash approved Cosmos OniisanBot
Garbage and trash redtails OniisanBot
Missing copyrights approved redtails OniisanBot
see-saw and seesaw same thing rejected redtails OniisanBot
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