One Yukkuri Place

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76246 » 91882.2 » This is morning is water forzenfrozen cold. But macha is still alive. 84,19 88x477
by Zevker »
67036 » 59581.4 » Eh? Did I mussmiss the paste core...? 39,559 58x105
by Zevker »
86191 » 113868.1 » Go, towards the world of dazzling magic. 828,67 49x238 New
by Reno »
86190 » 113867.1 » Let's go, then.
There are no more cages that would shut Patchuli in.
Now, it's your turn to use your magic.
179,967 169x228 New
by Reno »
86190 » 113866.1 » The grimoire that belongs to Patchy only, one that is engraved with the name of the great magician... 776,270 104x289 New
by Reno »
86189 » 113865.1 » The real grimoire Patchy has been looking for... 182,1056 53x274 New
by Reno »
86189 » 113864.1 » I still don't understand the "magic" mister producer gave me back then... 753,1028 118x262 New
by Reno »
86189 » 113863.1 » Don't worry about it. 141,608 31x146 New
by Reno »
86189 » 113862.1 » No... I'm just remembering things from a long time ago. 811,548 74x289 New
by Reno »
86189 » 113861.1 » Patchuli...
Are you being nervous?
833,47 64x279 New
by Reno »
86188 » 113860.1 » Patchuli... are you interested in being an idol? 202,1289 556x76 New
by Reno »
86119 » 113859.1 » Dwaddieeee
Reimyu ish here
1853,1689 625x508 New
by Cosmos »
86123 » 113858.1 » When you think about it, that house yukkuri family might have niceheads among them.
Had they been shitheads, they won't risk themselves coming to the rescue of the abducted Reimyu. It might be that kindness itself is nothing but a burden.
That said, they are but food for Remilia, and in the same vein, they are but vermins for me.
Even though I said they might be kind, I have not an ounce of mercy for them.
7,1675 798x1507 New
by Reno »
86123 » 113857.1 » For example, if not for the fact that suffering causing yukkuri to sweeten is part of their nature, all these torments before being killed would not have happened.
Yukkuri's existence is nothing but cause and effect.
At the end, this Reimyu witness its family being killed before its eyes, but is torn to pieces as food by Remilia before anti-yukkuritis set in.
2287,34 572x1571 New
by Reno »
86122 » 113856.1 » Remilia sticks its tongue out before Reimyu.
On it sits the accessories and what remains of Reimyu's two sisters.
It's an action based on the nature of yukkuri that stress causes their paste to sweeten.
At the same time, it clearly shows that for predator types, normal types are nothing but food no matter what.
95,1622 635x1567 New
by Reno »
86122 » 113855.1 » Reimyu, unable to accept the reality laid before it, starts looking for its sisters but found them nowhere to be seen. Instead, only the horrifying face of the Remilia that kidnapped it remains. 2393,48 349x1546 New
by Reno »
86121 » 113854.1 » Next is father Marisa's turn.
Like mother Reimu, its face is neatly torn off while skillfully keeping core paste intact.
304,1672 247x1345 New
by Reno »
86121 » 113853.1 » However, naturally something like that won't happen, as they are within the territory of Remilia.
The first to become its food is mother Reimu, as its face is blown away right before the hugged Reimyu's eyes.
2386,13 388x1602 New
by Reno »
86120 » 113852.1 » Like a moving scene, the house yukkuri family share the joy of rescuring Reimyu.
Mother Reimu hugs Reimyu, while Maricha praises its father. At this moment, none of them have any doubts about living a happy life thereafter.
148,1612 540x1585 New
by Reno »
86120 » 113851.1 » And then, noticing that Remilia isn't next to the box, several house yukkuri start gathering around it. It seems that they are related to that Reimyu, and has mobilised the entire family to help it.
Father Marisa used its braid to reach for the Reimyu inside the box, using it as a rope to successfully rescuing it.
2308,34 547x1567 New
by Reno »