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61703 52000.2 » WithI greatwent pains,out weof gatheredmy ourway tools,to butadopt evenit thenand whatgave wasit killinga herresidence with all the tools needed, so if it wasndies on my watch, it'ts thatgoing sheto wasleave feelinga badbitter taste. We triedTo thissomehow andremedy thatthe situation, butI theretried wasall nothingkinds thatof workedthing well,but andto myno worriedavail. husbandIn askedthe aend, friend'sI advice.
decided ofto interpretationask there--pleasemy offerfriend corrections</tn>for some advice.
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by TosylChloride »
61703 47574.2 » FurthermoreThus, since normal rearing is obviously notI supposedcouldn't toraise bethe possiblekoreimu properly, so even withoutthough myit's predicament,something fromI thedecided beginningto everythingembark wason fallingon apart.
my paraphrasedown andaccord, probablyfrom wildly incorrect; the originalbeginning sentenceeverything soundswas likein a bunchdeep pile of incoherent shitrambling. to me</tn>
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by TosylChloride »
61703 52000.1 » With great pains, we gathered our tools, but even then what was killing her, if it wasn't that she was feeling bad. We tried this and that, but there was nothing that worked well, and my worried husband asked a friend's advice.
<tn>lots of interpretation there--please offer corrections</tn>
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by Machiavelli70 »
61703 51999.1 » Perhaps because the environment changed drastically, or because she could not overcome the shock of the loss of her parents, Koreimu would not eat, would not drink, and just sat motionless in the corner. 618,76 297x848 New
by Machiavelli70 »
61703 47574.1 » Furthermore, since normal rearing is obviously not supposed to be possible, even without my predicament, from the beginning everything was falling apart.
<tn>massively paraphrased and probably wildly incorrect; the original sentence sounds like a bunch of incoherent rambling to me</tn>
2011,42 240x961 New
by BaronMind »
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