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78867 95740.1 » That giwl called Marisha hero, but Marisha couldn't help her back!!
......isn't yugguri meant to be shared?
Marisha...... have already got a lot oof yugguri.
Marisha can eat pwoo-pwoo. Can become a refresh slave ash welw.
Can gow to the fa, fa......factory as well.
37,28 359x1009
by KusoNingen »
78867 95739.1 » Marisha! Couldn't do anything!
Marisha depend on that girl so mucsh!
Like the Exkalibuw!
This slightly pinky hat as welw!
Actually food depends on her ash welw!
But Marisha didn't do anything to pay hew back!
That girl is being abused by her parents!
730,29 422x959
by KusoNingen »
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