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61120 » 46878.3 » In the event removing the breeding organ does not diminish the desire, then after the surgery be careful imitation mating may result in infection. 15,349 77x201
by Angelofdeath »
51427 » 32961.4 » During the winter when the temperature drops, you have to be really careful about yukkuri who have so much skin surface. Even if they're staying indoors, their paste will still became cold, so please protect them from cold by wrapping them in "sweaters".

On the "Yukkuri Feeling Online Shop" we prepared fashionable yukkuri sweaters with their name's initial. They will unmistakably be able to feel easier.
668,207 181x459
by Angelofdeath »
47933 » 28630.2 » Yu... So Happiness... 769,305 -> 770,305 103x23 -> 104x23
by Angelofdeath »
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