One Yukkuri Place

Series: Marisa's Hibernation (imoringu)

The Omakes are at the end
Both of them are flash-backs

Salem said:

Little Marisa isn't exactly looking for revenge.
Marisa thought her about torturing, and she learned the fun of it. Now that she thought Marisa is a scum, she want to kill Marisa too.

Little Marisa manipulated her mother, telling her that Marisa actually loved Reimu very much. Reimu get this and finally apologize to Marisa, telling that she loves Marisa more than anything. This works and Marisa actually forgive Reimu and starts being a good father for the family.

This change worried little Marisa. Why so sudden ? Maybe her daddy is planning something. Is her food poisoned ? Because of this, she stayed quiet and look for better chance to kill Marisa.

Finally when spring arrived, Marisa pulled Reimu off and ate her. Marisa has been planning this all along. If Reimu would change, she will eat Reimu. If Reimu stays a scum, she will keep torturing.

Little Marisa took a piece of wood, covered in chili to stab Marisa. But before she can kill Marisa, Fran came.

Marisa decided to stay in the forest.
When she stayed in the lover Mister's place, she know a Patchouli. This Patchouli is born a bit smarter, and because of it she's forced by her owner to study. While she's glad she's rescued, she felt her life to be empty without all the forced studying, so Patchouli took a year off to the forest to teach. She suggested Marisa to try the same. That's where Marisa fall in love with Reimu.

Fran asked Marisa to go home together. Both Fran and Remirya are weak, so they can't be outside under the sun for long.

Marisa forgave her daughter and told both her friends to bring the Little Marisa to her previous owner who will teach the little yukkuri about torturing and develop her talent.

Later, little Marisa came to the forest with Fran and Remirya to visit her father. She found a raper being punished and quickly know her daddy is doing fine as the leader of the forest's clan.

She still hasn't forgive her father, but she has also accepted what her father did. Now she had her own wife, a Chen and she know how it feel to love someone so much you want to kill them. But she won't do it.

Happy ending

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