One Yukkuri Place

Series: Meetings in the park (takumi)

Original titles: "公園のれみりゃ" - 1回目, 2回目, 3回目, 4回目 and 5回目.
It's the story of a nicehead bodied Remilia assumed to control the yukkuri population in a park. Unfortunately, it will not end well...
PS: I know they aren't in cronological order, I put the final posts like this for history reasons.

Cuttler said:

Well this is long...but here's a summary.
-There's this bodied Remilia who's in charge of a park
-Remilia basically keeps the stray yukkuri number at bay
-Remilia is a silly little adorable nicehead
-Anon befriended this Remilia, and likes her very much
-There's this once where anon has to leave town for a business trip
-Anon misses Remilia, and was looking forward to meet her once he gets back(even bought her a gift)
-Once anon gets back, he went straight to the park
-Anon didn't find Remilia there, like usual. Instead, he found her burnt corpse with all limbs chopped off, eyes dug out, with branches jabbed in all over.
-Since then, Anon visits the park everyday to hunt down the one who killed Remilia
Please no flame war easy.

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