One Yukkuri Place

Series: Bad Pet Chen (patchouli guy)

Unofficial title.

Currently out of order.

Contains pictures from The Wrath Of China (pool #30) but unsure whether those pictures are actually part of this story or were mispooled.

Extra: This story is a side-story/sequel to The Wrath Of China.

Rough untranslated summary : Chen is a gold trained pet yukkuri, but is initially priced at 300,000 yen (roughly $3000 USD). The rarity of Chens gradually declines and the price of Chen doesn't drop quickly/low enough to be sold so she remains in the pet store. The store eventually spoils/neglects Chen so her training is eventually "lost". Eventually Chen DOES get purchased, but the buyer only does so for the Gold badge to give his/her Patchouli.

The owner and Chen fight, and eventually Chen runs away/is abandoned. Ran from The Wrath Of China is revealed to have survived her suicide attempt and comes across Chen in the alleyway. Ran is insane at this point and kills Chen.

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