One Yukkuri Place

Series: Oneesan and Yukkuri 9 (Boshiherondasu)

Two shitheads are failed at being sold in a petshop even after price cuts. The owner was about to dispose of them after they reproduce without permission until an oneesan bought them for compost because they're dirt cheap. They went to oneesans house expecting a luxurious pet life only to find them being used for compost. Oneesans idea failed as the yus refuse to eat the trash. She decides to dispose of them telling them if they don't want to be compost feel free to find a new owner. Then Oneesan meets 2 wild yus begging for food and took them in for compost, while the shitheads laugh seeing an uneasy yukkuri going to be used as compost. Then they start begging to be taken in, only to be ignored and kicked around. After awhile their children died and then after making new kos Marisa decided to hunt for their family. Unfortunately that city is a nightmare for gutter trash yus as it's a very clean city with good trash disposal system and practically clean streets leaving no food for strays. In the end the pair and their dead stalk yus meets the oneesan again and begs forgiveness but she refuses to take them in as their replacements are doing just fine. Finally they died in an attempt to cannibalize each other.

Boshi's both big-tiddy fem-anons make appearances.

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