One Yukkuri Place

Series: Dust Ball (hagaitai)

EasyV said:

The story goes something liie this:
Marisa and Marisa are sisters and they love each other (in a sisterly sense... dang english)
Mister accidentally knocks down the content of a shelf on the Marisa, the big sister manages to run away while the little sister somehow can't
Luckily, she survives, but her hat is destroyed and her dough skin gets all rugged and stuff, and she can't move as good as before
Mister can't do anything about it, so she grows up like that (somehow getting bigger than the big sister)
Since her hat is torn, the trashness of the sister kicks in, and she begins to treat the sister like you would expect from scum
Mister tries to make "little sis" Marisa's life better, like giving her a pillow, bringing her with him to the pool, etc
Meanwhile, "big sis" Marisa gets jealous of all the attentions her sister gets
One day, after Marisa's training, her sking begins to peel, showing that she has a new dough layer under it, and a friend of Mister brings a new hat
When they return home, "big sis" discovers that "little sis" is not uneasy anymore
At this point I'm not sure either about what is going on, but Mister says something to "big sis" and she begins to say that "little sis" is trash
Mister worries that "big sis" is trash and might hurt "little sis"
Actually, "big sis"'s master plan was to get hurt like "little sis" did, so that she coukd get all the attentions
Alas, when Mister finds her in a box (I don't know what it is supposed to be, nor why Marisa went there specifically after hiding), he gets rid of her immediately
Then we see Marisa being disposed of, while Mister takes Marisa for a walk where she meets Alice
Good End
But of course one of their little ones is trash