One Yukkuri Place

Series: Parting Words (meiling-aki)

Series was never finished.

Anon takes a Komarisa away from its Reimu mother, and tells the parent that he's going to kill it after a week of torture. However, he adds a few rules:
1. If Reimu can last the whole week, he will feed Komarisa Reimu's paste, giving it Reimu's paste memory before releasing it back into the mountain.
2. He will not harm Komarisa at all, unless Reimu fails to survive, be it through dying or killing itself through 'Eat up'.
Reimu faints after an initial experience with a hot plate, and at Anon's goading, decides to abandon its child and kill itself. However, an earlier accident where it hit its face trying to escape left it unable to say 'Eat up' properly.
Later at night, Reimu tries to escape its tank, but is unable to do so with its burns, and Anon finds Reimu collapsed in the morning.