One Yukkuri Place

Series: Someday (yunchiriaaki)

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Prequel story to pool #261 (?)

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Story of a typical forest yukkuri family. Father Marisa is a great hunter who died protecting the clan from Remirya. Single mother Reimu, who's already a Deibu since before became even worse, never hunt properly and ask for share from other families.

Baby Marisa is discriminated. As soon as she grow to a koyukkuri, she's treated as a slave to hunt by her family. But inheriting her father's talent, she became a great hunter on par with even adults. And as she grew to an adult, she became the greatest hunter.

Marisa is a yukkuri that always try to let others take it easy. She loved her family and always belief on the words from the Chief Patchouli that one day, she will find her happiness.

As autumn came, both of her sisters are married. The "kind big sis" who cared for Marisa but wont help her married with a Chen. The "bit scary big sis" married a Marisa.
Marisa herself has no intention on getting married. She still have to give food to her Deibu mother and share with other stupid yukkuri who want to marry her to ensure their own survival.

The only yukkuri Marisa like is an Alice who used to help her look for flowers and stones to be given for Marisa's sisters. Alice also helped Marisa hide the winter food in her house so Marisa's family wont eat all of it and die in starvation during winter.

Soon, other yukkuri starts to be jealous to that Alice. Things gone for worse when the "scary big sis" divorced and bring her children home. Marisa have to find food for all the gluttons.

Alice finally proposed Marisa after mother Reimu used her own daughter to blackmail Marisa to bring more food.

Marisa is undecided, but something else is moving. The yukkuri starts killing each others. Marisa's sister gather other yukkuri to kill her mother. Then after knowing they are tricked, they killed the sister Reimu.

Alice is raped and died, leaving Marisa.

The Chief captured all the rioting yukkuri. She then asked Marisa about will she go on with life and marry her daughter Patchouli.

At her home, Marisa's eldest sister came and blamed Marisa for all that happen. It's because Marisa is too indecisive and want to help everyone, and thus the massacre happened, their family is killed, Alice is killed.

Marisa spent the winter alone reflecting on what she had done wrong.

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