One Yukkuri Place

Series: The bait hides no hook ②(yupo)



 タイトルも“the bait hides the hook(餌は釣り針を隠す:『うまい話には毒がある』的なやつ)”という慣用句を捩り『釣り針の無い餌』的な意味にしました。

・ Since the number of pages has expanded more than twice as planned while I was drawing something, I will separate and post when Macha is dead.

・ Page 9 was drawn while looking at her husband, Kopipe. it was fun.

・ This was triggered by the flashing of "I die as a result even though there are no toxic elements".
The title also twisted the idiom of "the bait hides the hook" to mean "bait without hooks".
When I was a high school student, I didn't know grammar because I had a vocabulary of about 6 out of 100 in the reading test.

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