One Yukkuri Place

Series: [Abyuse] Let's breed scum yukkuris! [Lots of text] (doronoshiroishimi)

Original title: 【ゆ虐】ゲスゆっくりを飼おう!【文字多】

Artist Commentary: おまえはもう、ようずみっなのぜ!

TL: You were already done being used nanoze!

Reno said:

I translated the non-yukkuri text for the story (reading their slurred speech gives me headache, let alone translating it in a similarly slurred manner), and it reveals a bit more of the content/pretense for the abyuse.

Basically, anon is a researcher, presumably funded by the "Scum Yukkuri Salvation Association" (really?) to research an easy way to raise scum yukkuri as something approaching pet yukkuri, either for the lovers or the abyusers. It's implied that the Association's motivation for funding said research is because the life of a scum is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. It hopes that by making people like scum yukkuri (through proper ways of raising them), they can at least enjoy a modicum of solace, even if they're only raised for abyuse later.

Unfortunately, his proposed method of traumatising them until they behave, while effective and easy enough for newbie owners, result in them gradually developing ennui. While these statue-like yukkuri are less annoying, there isn't really much point in raising a yukkuri that just sit there like an actual manju.

The way of reviving a dead-inside yukkuri, he found out, is to pair it with something even more miserable than it, relying on the scum's nature to look down on others less easy than it to restore its vigour. However, this method ultimately does not work, as the corpse-like Marisa is none other than the predecessor of the "protagnoist" scum - the accumulating trauma eventually weigh on it too much to be salvagable.

Because of that, anon concludes that raising scum yukkuri is hard, and that the Association should find a new approach to promote inclusion for scum yukkuri.

As anon finishes his report, the scum Maricha slipped on the paste it spilled from the living corpse and accidentally impaled itself on its stake. As it slowly died while anon went to get the trash bag, it lamented its life filled with suffering with appropriate flashback.

All in all, not a bad story, definintely weighing more on yukkuri psychology than straight-up abyuse. Still, they probably should've noticed something is wrong with than approach when they found a group literally called "Scum Yukkuri Salvation Association" .

See post #80025 for additional notes.