One Yukkuri Place

Series: だいっこくばしらのまりちゃ - (yuyu)

Another unfinished yuyu from half a decade ago

Ahegao said:

So from google translating the comment section (which includes 1 comment from yuyu himself), the plot seems to be:

  • Maricha works hard to hunt for her mother Reimu and little sister Wasa, their father is dead
  • Reimu and Wasa has mold, but Maricha doesn't know
  • Patchy came to tell Reimu that it's pretty shitty to make your child work for you
  • Reimu prioritizes her own easiness over Maricha's health. Apparently it's implied that Maricha has mold too but Reimu won't let her rest because her own easiness is more important.
  • Patchy notices Reimu's mold and runs away to not get infected
  • It's revealed through the clan conversation and yuyu's comment that Reimu-Marisa family disliked the "no refreshing during winter law". Marisa decided to ditch the clan claiming that "the clan is uneasy shit and Marisa is better off without you guys" which Reimu agreed to. But now after Marisa died Reimu deluded herself into thinking that "the shitty clan exiled her and forced her to live a miseable life" despite their family being the one who defected from the clan.
  • Maricha went home and found out Wasa died of mold
  • Reimu apparently has a twisted form of love and believes that as a family they should stick together, therefore since Reimu is dying of mold Wasa and Maricha should die together too which is why she intentionally rub-rub and lick-lick with them to infect them too (not 100% sure of this)
  • Maricha declares she doesn't want to die and runs away

It ends here, though the continuation will probably only feature maricha dying.