One Yukkuri Place

Series: Yukkuri in the Gutter (Ienekosasha)

A short story about three koyukkuris whose trapped in the gutter after their parents' death.

Accompanying story
"A family of yukkuri found shelter in a dried gutter. Every morning the parent yukkuris climb out their home to hunt for food. One day, the pair got mauled by the a pack stray dogs during their routine outings. The pack of dogs left after they realized yukkuri taste horrible. Mother Reimu died on the spot but Father Marisa made it home despite her mortal wounds. Marisa tried to stop the bleeding with dried leafs but died soon after. Without the help of their parents, the koyukkuris are now trapped inside their home.

Eldest daughter Marisa tries to find another way out of the gutter but the darkness scares her. She never went more than a few meters from her nest. Meanwhile second-daughter Marisa tries to find whatever they could eat in the pile of trash that litters her home. The youngest daughter Reimu is a sickly child. Barely able to move, she would spend her entire day on the bed."