One Yukkuri Place

Series: 孤児姉妹 (D.A)


Ctmbottomtext said:

used google translator to translate and here is the recap

Komarisa and koreimu are stray yukkuris, their parents were killed and their house was taken over by other stray shitheads, their will to live was so strong that They encouraged each other and promised to survive, Komarisa decided to hunt so that her sister could live. Knowing that komarisa don't know a shit about "hunting" he remembered that her father always Say that "this trash bags have rotten rice" so that the only thing he know about hunting after walking for a while he finally found a garbage bag, jumping with happiness that he and his sister will survive, with all his might he tries to break the bag despite being a weak koyukkuri he does not succeed but he does not give up Then another stray yukkuris arrives and tells the little one that he is making a lot of noise and that trying to open garbage bags is suicide and that he will end up attracting humans ,little one try to act tough with the yukkuris, dumbass end up getting stabbed to death by the shithead, komarisa died full of pain thinking about her sister, he failed her then we go to look below the vending machine, koreimu has been waiting for her brother already 3 days she is about to die of starvation Her brother promised her that he would come back so she kept waiting , about the die she say "why" and died "the end" it's not bad but it's not very good either