One Yukkuri Place

Series: Flower badge Reimu (futsuaki)

pgraphics said:
^I agree with that, I read all the comics and the summary is this: Reimu is bought by an Anon, who gives her a flower badge. Reimu watches the house while Anon, whom Reimu calls Father, travels abroad. One day, Anon finds his Reimu all beaten up, dirty and pregnant, he heals her with orange juice and she tells him that one day was watching the house when the bell rang, she didn't open immediately and voices behind the door told her that they had something to sign, Reimu went into the house for the signing seal and was knocked away by a trio of Yukkuris, a bad Marisa, an Alice an a bad Reimu; Reimu was raped by Alice while bad Marisa and bad Reimu went to steal all the yummy-yummy food in the house. After they finished, Reimu was left back covered in custard. Basically the story has a good ending, because Anon didn't allow Reimu to die.

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