One Yukkuri Place

Series: Mecha Reimu (mechaaki)

Note : This series is related to pool #95 Big Family.

Note2 : Some pictures may or may not be missing.

Note3 : This series was never finished

Rough summary up to page 13 :

ZooTV2 said:
Anon has a Marisa, and a Reimu that Marisa found outside and refreshed with. They already have some kids. When the newest one is born, Anon pretends the mecha Reimu is one of the kids that were born. The yukkuris take it in as family.

The mecha Reimu can be controlled by computer, and anon uses it to cause discord between the family members, spreading rumors of dad Marisa cheating with an Alice while out hunting. This makes mom Reimu attack Marisa, etc.

Anon puts Reimu in a cage to punish it for attacking Marisa.

Later when the kids are given sweets by Anon, he uses the mecha Reimu to talk the other kids into eating all of it including dad Marisa's share. Then when dad comes home he has the mecha Reimu "confess" to eating dad's sweets, and dad gets angriest at the Marisa that tried to lie its way out of it. Little Marisa gets beaten.

Later anon talks the little Marisa into shouting obsceneties about the dad, records it and plays it back later to make them think little Marisa is saying it right then. Marisa gets even more beaten, but runs away under the drawers where she finds a pushpin and severly wounds the Reimu child.

Marisa dad tries to get little Marisa out of there but breaks the dish in the process.

Later Anon uses the mecha Reimu to 'confess' to Anon about Marisa breaking the dish, and Anon throws it out of the house to its old home in a hole as 'punishment'. There it meets the family from Big Family series, apparently without Anon's knowledge.

Then he gets the mother Reimu out of its punishment cage and tells it to go gather food since Marisa's gone on a trip.

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