One Yukkuri Place

Series: Anko 1160 (zenraaki)



Anon picked up a family of Marisa from the street.

Ever since greeted, Marisa know her life would end and she accepted her fate. Anon loved that kind of yukkuri.

Marisa's parents used to be pets, but they throw away everything to look for their easy place.

He took out one of Marisa's eyes. He also completely blinded one of the Komarisa's eyes. Mother Marisa tried to lick lick her daughter and find a way to tell her she's now blind.
The other daughter is not around, and Marisa know if they ever meet, she wouldn't look like yukkuri at all. If the Human offer her sweet food, that would be her daughter.

The other Komarisa is fried with butter and tossed around. She jumped in pain, leaking sugar water around which caramelized and coated her body. After cooking, Anon pour in orange juice, which she can no longer absorb and only writhe in pain as the orange juice boiled.

After cooking, Komarisa is frozen and then peeled.

Anon gave the Komarisa as food. Marisa recognized her daughter and fighting the uneasy feeling of death smell, she ended her daughter's life.

Anon asked how her own daughter tasted like. Marisa know what to answer. For hours she repeated those words that will please the Human. "Why did this happens!?"

The eldest Komarisa had her own daughters. They are all blinded, feet burned and hat ripped. Anon taught them uneasy song, but that's the only song they knew. The eldest daughter used to know many songs, but all those are lost.

Every morning, she lick licked her children so they don't crack from dehidration.

Everyday, Anon would crush one of them and the other sisters came to eat the sweets sweets.

Finally he's bored. He asked if they are happy, and Marisa answered they are happy.
Then he told them tomorrow he will kill them all. Marisa thought, finally they can take it easy.

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