One Yukkuri Place

Series: Another yukkurarium (2.5daki)

Gitami said:
Summary: Large one abandons its spawn and keep asking Mister to take it back to the forest even though it was born inside the house, it mixed its ancestral memories up. One day it wakes up cramped in a little space, the spawns are fed and have a wider place and some disagreement over the cuteness of the spawns result in them attacking the parent. Arrogant little things should be killed now before they grow up. At night the little demons terrorizes the caged parent, attacking when it falls asleep. The parent is about to die or lose conscious and begs Mister to answer why this happened. Mister takes the parent out, possibly to the forest as promised. Reimu killed its mother and mother is reimu. It ask why it gave birth to those little demons or was allowed to give birth to those little spawns. He replies its experience (at killing it's mother) has a chance to be passed off to the next generation.

Note1: The pool is currently in an incorrect order.

Note2: Supposedly based on anko0133