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Series: Abdication of Raising (Nabuunaki)

Official title

Unyu said:
[Abdication of Raising] by Nabuunaki

Title has the kanji for "Rearing/raising" and "abandonment/abdication." Couldn't think of anything that clearly got that message across in under three words.

いちゆんまえ is probably 一生前 bastardized to have ゆん in it.

なかなか舐めた口を利きやがる didn't translate literally well in my head. So I just reworded the whole thing to convey the general idea.

(To all taggers wondering wtf I keep doing from time to time, I accidentally hit the "set" sometimes when I try to return to pages to scroll around while making a translation in notepad)

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Translation of dialogue text removed.

Unyu said:
Attention span died for this comic.

tl;dr from her til end.

Marisa learns the shocking truth she can't take it easy on her own as her life goes down hill. She begs for forgiveness and anon forgives her. Anon was not angry because it wanted a partner, but rather because it dared to think it would be able to live on its own.

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