One Yukkuri Place

Series: Raising a family (nagekiaki)

VERY unofficial title.

Note : This story is actually two parts written by two different authors. The comic was written by nagekaiki and is a prequel story. The actual anko, depicted in post #18354, was written by D.O.

harouki said:
Story seems to take place right after the pool series.

Marisa tells Anon that there are strays living out back but when Anon goes to get rid of them, he falls in love with the Reimu (wut?).

Anon and "Love Reimu" have a disgusting lovey-dovey relationship, including lick licks, rub rubs, and mouth to mouth feedings. Love Reimu's children were given up to adoption and they all found a nice family to take them in.

Anon starts to pay attention to the badge yukkuri less and less, but he doesn't hate them or anything like that, he just lets them continue live there.

Then finally the Silver Reimu gives birth to a Komarisa and Anon congratulates them on their birth before returning to mouth-to-mouth-feed Love Reimu. The newlyborn Komarisa sees this and wants to eat the food that the two of them are eating as well, but the Mister says no and ignores it.

Komarisa is unable to understand why she didn't get what she want. She was just born cute after all and begins to cry. Silver Reimu has enough and shoves Love Reimu out of the way and jumps into Anon's chest instead. Contrary to Silver Reimu's hopes, Anon is not happy...

Several days later...

The family has been forced to live outside with only a box as their shelter against the winds and the rain. No soft bed to sleep in, no tasty meals to eat, always having to look for their own food...

"""Can't chake id eajjjyyyyyyyyyyyy!!"""


I just love Karma...don't you?

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