One Yukkuri Place

Series: Yukkuri Despair (kirishima ryuji)

JPN title: ぜつ!ぼう!

Unofficial title because Google hates me. Also has some tie-ins with pool #793

Summary: A narrow-eyed Femanon breeds yukkuris and sells them out, and the baby yukkuris are happy, especially one Marisa, who suddenly awakens to its present reality of abyuse. The male Anon informs it of its siblings killing each other over a piece of candy, and it goes insane. Meanwhile, Impreza Femanon takes back another Marisa, and wonders where are the other children as she leaves. The narrow-eyed Femanon shows her yukkuris their childrens dirty accessories, and they mock the owners and their parents without knowing who they're referring to, while she watches on with a smile.

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