One Yukkuri Place

Series: Slave Trolling

Unofficial title

A family of yukkuris break into an abyuser's house, and when he takes some time to think about what to do, they declare him their slave. He brings them some sweets when they command him to, but tell them that he doesn't have anymore than that.

He explains that slaves are property that should be maintained by their masters, and while he can go buy more sweets, money is required. Thus, the Marisa hunts a lot, but the comparatively large amount is only exchanged for a small amount of sweets.

Recognizing the difference, the yukkuris decide to fire Anon as their slave, hoping that they can threaten him for more sweets if he refuses. However, when he's freed, Anon crushes the koyukkuris, and starts beating them up. In the end, they choose to become his slaves rather than get killed, and he works them extremely hard.