One Yukkuri Place

Series: Search for the Yukkuri Place (mechaaki)

NOTE1 : This series is concluded in the story Mecha Reimu pool #371. The two stories merge.

NOTE2 : This story was originally tagged and named "Big Family" but was renamed to accurately fit the story. (They're not one big family)

NOTE3 : Do NOT use the numbering at the top of the page beyond page 25 to order this pool. The pool merges into page 15 of Mecha Reimu is and is concluded there. The ordering of this pool is CORRECT. All pages after the dream and translated pages are fake edits (most notably, the last page is an April Fools joke) or drawn by different artists (I pooled them as homage).

Formerly the "chinese training camp" pool. Former description follows :

WARNING : This seems to be a redundant pool. This pool may be recycled/deleted without warning. Another pool with all the same pictures (and more) can be found here :

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