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Series: Cringetastic Edgy Sumireko

Edgy sumireko with max stats mess with a woman with anger management issues.

Soooo edgy I could not keep a straight face writing it >_>/

Basically what happened was I wrote a text RPG with sumireko as the player character and I messed up with my damage formula and sumireko was doing insane damage and 1 shotting anons and rats. I found it interesting at the time so I started working on a short and tasteless comic.

canttakeiteasy colored english fem_anon lowres shithead sumireko translated
angry canttakeiteasy colored english fem_anon shithead smug sumireko translated
canttakeiteasy colored english fem_anon shithead sumireko translated
blood canttakeiteasy death english fangs lord_of_the_rings role_reversal shithead sumireko translated
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