One Yukkuri Place

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    This one has the title/page number.
    I guess he forgot to put it into the other one.


    It's also in the other one


    I see. Somehow missed that. And the extra panels and stuff.


    short synopsis:
    komarisas are sick, complaining their stomach hurts, etc.
    patchy and reimu stop by with gifts for the sick ones.
    marisa's crying cause she's so sorry that they always have to take care of sickly children, instead of being a happy family
    alice is all supportive, saying it's no problem etc. and tells marisa to go get more food
    Alice makes excuses for the sickly komarisas to not eat the good food and gives them her "medicine". The koyukkuri are oblivious to this

    -wall of kanji crits me for 2000-

    marisa says it's her turn to return the favor. she sent the children out for a walk, so it's just them two. lots of nice double edged remarks follow

    -wall of kanji-

    patchy and reimu visit the 'unfortunate' alice


    so, as Aki said in the other posting of this, "Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy"


    I honestly wouldn't assign motives unless it's in that wall of kanji. all i see is alice favoring her koalices over the komarisas.


    ^^It might be a MSbP, but Alice is clearly favoring her own kind.
    Seems to me that she's just a bitch. Marisa took care of her just fine. :3


    Reimu & Patchy bring food and medicine(for yukkuri) to Marisa & Alice Family
    Marisa go out to get food let Alice take care of children.
    Alice say that she'll taste the medicine from patchy before the sick Komarisas get it
    and let them take her "medicine" that is poisoning(for yukkuri).
    by the way Alice let Koalice eat food from Reimu & Patchy for reason that sick Komarisas can't eat that more
    the truth is Alice keep Komarisas always sick to have food from others Yukkuri.
    One day Koremirya come to this family Marisa defeat her but Alice get serious damage.
    Marisa take care of all Alice and children(include sick Komarisas) by help from other Yukkuri.
    When Alice recover to condition that she can speak, she decides to tell the truth(that she keep Komarisas always sick) to Marisa.
    After Alice tell the truth to Marisa, it's Alice that always keep unrecover condition from damage and Marisa still have help from other Yukkuri.
    Alice always in serious condition that she can't speak but she still wanna tell something to other Yukkuri that visit the family.


    >>-wall of kanji crits me for 2000-



    wow, it seems that Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy in yukkuri is contagious.

    >.> <.<

    runs off to see if other mental illnesses are contagious amoung yukkuri.