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Topic: Maricha Game

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i have applocale
yes they're all in a same file
yes i restarted my computer with a jap font
yes i redownloaded it with jap font
and it failed

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  • SomeRandomRick

    >tfw everyone gets to bully a maricha except for you
    Answer quick! Or else i will do puff puff!

    P U F F F F F F

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  • EasyV

    Recent versions of Windows made Applocale sort of broken, from what I could gather.
    I can't really help you, as I don't use Windows.

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  • SomeRandomRick

    nevermind, merciless said in another post that all you needa do is change the name to english.
    is working now. but i cant get maricha to get in the tube, even when he's scared.

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