One Yukkuri Place



The 48cm object in front of the Dosu Marisa is the Playstation version of Doukyuusei 2.

Takumi is much older than I initially thought...

Just to add, the reason the anon took a liking to the reimyu was because she called the anon handsome.

Didact04 said:

To me he looks utterly unsurprised by what's unfolding around her.

I strongly suspect that the mother reimu was the reason the parent marisa died in the first place.

mad_hatter said:

I vaguely remember dos or m5 doing a series about the dangers of picking up stray yukkuris. It is one of the oldest ones out there too.

exitstrategy said

I personally would like to see someone do a work with Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. Zombie mutant yukkuris, anyone?

exitstrategy said:

Not a container, but a rain water duct. If it rains, all those yukkuri will die.