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Tag requests page 20 yukiyuzen EasyV
Welcome to the new OYP page 2 EasyV Mikato
Eight Views of Yukkuri Discussion/Translation Thread page 16 GNU/Hurdz Konrad
Anko summary request thread page 7 danogoat Fiver
SimYukkuri Bug Reports Official page 2 Eternity Gourry
Official SimYukkuri Thread [Current Release in OP] page 49 Eternity Gourry
Translation Request Thread page 7 JusticeItEasy excalivern
Pixiv chat / pixivSketch LIVE thread page 36 danogoat Ruukasu
Relay Manga V2 (2012~2015) page 41 danogoat exitstrategy
Adding to the Wiki page 3 maximusfive tora
Steam Group page 2 Toawa saline
Rules Fly poweryoga
New artist romanization and basic translation thread danogoat danogoat
Our Translation/Story sites! poweryoga poweryoga
Searching for unmarked anko illustrations platina JusticeItEasy
Note creation helper tora ParticleMan
Crosspost tutorial Mikato EasyV
see-saw and seesaw same thing pending redtails EasyV
Alias sweets and candy rejected redtails OniisanBot
violent violence rejected redtails OniisanBot
tear tears rejected redtails OniisanBot
non-violent and non_violent rejected redtails OniisanBot
Plural singular egg approved redtails OniisanBot
Alias update #1 approved redtails EasyV
pregnancy pregnant approved redtails OniisanBot
category translated approved redtails EasyV
misc implications rejected redtails OniisanBot
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implicate weapons pending redtails EasyV
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Alias updates rejected redtails redtails