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Pixiv chat / pixivSketch LIVE thread page 37 danogoat danogoat
New artist romanization and basic translation thread page 2 danogoat EasyV
Welcome to the new OYP page 3 EasyV BaronMind
Official SimYukkuri Thread [Current Release in OP] page 49 Eternity delphi
Yukkuri Jungle Translation EasyV EasyV
Eight Views of Yukkuri Discussion/Translation Thread page 17 GNU/Hurdz virtt
Anko summary request thread page 7 danogoat Fiver
SimYukkuri Bug Reports Official page 2 Eternity Gourry
Translation Request Thread page 7 JusticeItEasy excalivern
Relay Manga V2 (2012~2015) page 41 danogoat exitstrategy
Adding to the Wiki page 3 maximusfive tora
Steam Group page 2 Toawa saline
Rules Fly poweryoga
Our Translation/Story sites! poweryoga poweryoga
Searching for unmarked anko illustrations platina JusticeItEasy
Note creation helper tora ParticleMan
Yukkuri Diary Updates and Discussions page 25 Go-chan16 Go-chan16
Some implication approved Cosmos KusoNingen
Final vote for new tag! poweryoga poweryoga
OYP via Telegram Ruukasu Ruukasu
spicy rejected Ahegao EasyV
Another useful tag? (Of yukkuris living together) Newbice captperv
Tag aliases, etc. approved EasyV OniisanBot
about the "tarinai" tag approved KusoNingen OniisanBot
adoption approved Ahegao OniisanBot
proud smug approved Ahegao OniisanBot
Why do people go crazy over Sanae? Newbice Cosmos
Some alias and implication approved Cosmos OniisanBot
SimYukkuri Translation Discord delphi delphi
SimYukkuri Revival Thread delphi WaldoCircassian
Made a mistake with glove approved redtails OniisanBot
On family friendliness page 2 EasyV Newbice
Discord server for abuse BranF1akes BranF1akes
Tag Misspelling approved NeoMyon OniisanBot
chinese -> meta rejected Mikato EasyV
Donut and doughnut approved redtails OniisanBot
alias microwave_oven -> microwave rejected redtails OniisanBot
Coin and coins approved redtails EasyV
Wasa reimu is a defect, just like pugs and Scottish folds. Cute Aggression BaronMind
Some implications approved Cosmos OniisanBot