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Official SimYukkuri Thread [Current Release in OP]

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This is the official SimYukkuri Development and Release Thread

SHITARABA EDITION STUFF - Currently Under Development
Developed 99.99% by japanese developers, I'm just working off of it as a new platform for future revisions. Alot of the stuff implemented is relatively complex compared to what was possible with the previous editions. Additionally, its much more modular, so all future updates will likely be to this edition.


Reimu, Deibu, Chen, Ran dialog added.
Marisa has over 1000 lines of english dialog.
Alice is using Baronminds translation template.
Select option added
Sidepane width increased; should mitigate resolution problems
Identical to June Shitaraba
FOR 1.12
Diffuser and Orange Pool menus translated
More refinements to UI
More of Marisa's dialog translated
Season Cycle ported and implemented
Wetness system ported, but not visible yet.
Yunba Menu
Wetness time reduced to 20 seconds from 30
Soak Counters burnfeet
Translations Added
+Marisa 50%

Using a negative multiplier is liable to mess with the daycycle jpeg. It only appears in a corner. Not a major issue, as even at 2880x1800 sprites are still fairly well sized without multiplier use.
Theres absolutely no reason to use bilinear interpolation. Not really a bug, but I think they went a bit overkill on graphics options with this release.
Resolution options suck. Blame japan's shitty computer monitors.
Context menu still in moonrunes
On some resolutions half the menu gets cut off: MITIGATED
Attempting to remove a Sui by clean individual when a yukkuri is on top of it results in a crash.

Finish Marisa's Dialog - 35%
Finish Meiling's Dialog - 50%
Implement Seasonal Cycle - 50%: Portable
Implement Wetness - 50%: Portable
Add missing tools and options - 35%: Some portable

Translations for anything still in moonrunes
Melting/ed sprites for newly added yukkuri
Improved sprites for yukkuri with shitty ones
Post nonsense to motivate me to stop taking it easy

Consistency is more important than literal translations. Try to keep slurring legible and consistent across age groups. For example Marisa baby always slurs as "Mawisha", child slurs as "Maricha" adult is just "Marisa." Is this canon? No, but it gives a quick sense of whose talking based on the slurring and makes things alot easier on the eyes. It also provides a baseline for writing new dialogue. The . same approach should be taken towards ALL dialogue. for example, a baby marisa will say Shdop, whereas a child says Shtop. With all similar dialogue, the child will use "T" correctly whereas the baby slurs with "D."

Old release is Shitaraba 1.0e


-Most menus should be translated to the best of my understanding. (Yuunbas have one line that I dont understand)
-All dialog is still in japanese
-Ampoules moved to seperate menu
-Daycycle cleaned up
-Seasonal cycle implemented. Please use Field mod, default or house to see this. If you get weird graphics on startup, you probably picked an incompatible modpack.
-All code for melting, burning etc in place. Just triple checking compatability, implementing timers and loops and importing sprites.
-Select Yukkuri option added


A link to the current version will be posted only here starting with version 2.41


-Current balance/last transaction information temporarily hidden, dont worry about it, da ze!

-Yukkuri origin and environment arent properly setup yet, for next release!

-Broke cleanall function - FIXED
-Stalks still permanent - eh
-Fixed babies falling to death - BROKEN KIND OF
-Started to add supershithead cannibalism, -LIMITED ATM
-Inject Anko creates a super shithead, for testing purposes, will be removed later. - REMOVED
-Patchy sprites were not setup yet- done
-Saving is possible, within very limited circumstances, but you can definitely save with yukkuris. Id advise removing all toilets,beds etc though. Food might be ok, but Id highly advise just leaving yukkuri when you save.

Changelog for 2.45:
-Water Calculations fixed (?)
-Pet and Hammer now elicit more reactions depending on type and on age and rudeness
-Added a ton of dialog!
-Implemented system to differentiate yukkuri types.
-Slightly randomized attitude types at birth
-Nicehead Ko's and Babies no longer feat petting
-Steam effect from onFire and isImmersed
-badge sprites present, needs effects, boolean and dialog. Only gold will show up in game for now because testing.

Known Bugs:
Stress doesn't decrease properly

Plans for next major release (.250)
-Accessory stealing by shitheads -IN PROGRESS
-Cannibalism of living babies/kos by adult shitheads -IN PROGRESS, CODE JUST NEEDS A LITTLE MORE REFINEMENT
-Simpler and more straightforward to train/untrain

-Implement fire -PARTIALLY DONE
+Can set yukkuris on fire, spreads on contact, causes darker skin tone, damage etc -PARTIALLY DONE, NEED OVERLAYS
+Intelligent yukkuris seek water when lit on fire -DONE
-Fix death sprites (all deaths revert to crashed for some reason) -CURRENT GOAL, MOST IMPORTANT

Updated by Sukuna


Japanese development team and community is responsible for pretty much everything involving Stalks and stalk births, Suwako, Cirno, Aquatic Marisa, and alot of the behind-the-scenes math and code, particularly that which deals with Cleaning, Stalks or Birth.

Shitaraba team specifically responsible for modloading system, new environmental art and related functions.

Mimisuke is responsible for basically everything else and retains copyright on all code and original art assets


To Do:
Add sewn sprites to all classes
Add hole sprites to all classes
Disable cannibalism for now - fixed, not entirely disabled yet but much more reasonable
Murderous drugged burnt reimus- #itsafeature.notabug
Finalize temperature variables
Fix clean all - uneasy stalks are uneasy
Make stalk edible and moveable - good luck
Enhance sprites - add cut, cold, frostbite, sweating, burning
Add dialog to cirno and suwako
Add natural vs artificial mode selector
Create tribe associations - wait on dosu and origin type
Implement dosu - have sprites, wait on res
Add method for secret stuff
Add terrain - place transparent barriers around object, or implement separate object impact event?
Increase resolution - lock asp ratio
Fix originType
Finish up badges and add appropriate dialog and effects
Finish up accessory stealing - waiting on res and Los implementation


just post them on mediafire and stick the links here. No offense to you, but they probably won;t be implementable just yet, I'm still sorting out the proper way to handle them atm (dealing with accessories, etc)
Also new version being uploaded now

BetsyBathory said:
They may not even be usable-- but they should do as placeholders, at least!

These are actually really nice, I'll have to get them ingame to check sizing, positioning and all that jazz, but these look pretty nice. Could you get a patchy without hat one, and if you have time, maybe make gold badges, silver, bronze and fake (wood maybe?) badges? Basically make one of each, then for each yukkuri you'll have to move them to an appropriate position to overlay at, for example, marisas could be on her hat (id reccomend down low, so that if the hat is removed, the badge isnt left floating.)

I'm also thinking we'll need some sort of transition state (think the burn sprite thing that comes up before the black overlay)

What should also be implemented is the choice of Wasa Reimu.
Cleaning Poop in a certain area. LIke, I only want to clean the Toilet Area.

I can take a shot at it-- won't have access to my graphic program until tomorrow evening-ish, though; Paint just won't cut it.

Eh yandere ill look into it. I kind of like Wasa Reimu being random, but it wouldn't be much effort to set it as a menu option. (Reproduction wouldn;t be affected and would still be random, though I think im going to lower the probability of a wasa being produced, they should be uncommon but not rare imo, like a patchy.

Yeah i noticed a little bit ago, it will be fixed in a future update, though for me, it only happened with komarisa?

So guys... the japanese have kotatsu reimu and aquatic marisa... We need to do better, this is a competition.

I've contacted some japanese developers who were working on modded versions and asked them if I could borrow some of their code/art assets and in exchange I'd start working towards reimplementing the japanese side of this version.


When did they get those?!

Oh I noticed the food maker seems to turn things into poo instead of food. I guess it only works on baby yukkuris too?
Also is it possible for niceheads to give birth to shitheads and vice versa like in the stories?

New Years special edition someone whipped up as a joke. I can probably just import the sprites and class files

Food maker turns into food or poo, depends on input I think, I'll doublecheck

I thought that behavior was randomized on birth, but I'll make sure I'm not misremembering that!

I left it running for 8 hours with a reimu and a patchy not shitheads. My game froze at some point but there were two reimus and infinite patchies, less than ten were saying scummy things but again the game was frozen so I couldn't check.

copycat said:
I left it running for 8 hours with a reimu and a patchy not shitheads. My game froze at some point but there were two reimus and infinite patchies, less than ten were saying scummy things but again the game was frozen so I couldn't check.

Yea I left mine running and with a pair of scum and only got scum babies. Maybe it's just bad luck.

Gonna look at the code, ill get back to you in 5

Alright, the way it works is, it flips a coin and then inherits the attitude from either the mother or the father depending on the coin flip. If the father is dead, and it chooses to inherit from him, then it is nice, if the mother is dead, and it chooses to inherit from her, then it is rude.

I'll change it so that before running either of these checks, theres a 1/5 chance of it being rude by default, and a 1/5 chance of it being nice by default

Holy balls the japanese version has stalk birth, and more yukkuri than I thought possible, it doesn't have any of the extra features that we have, but it sure is prettier >.> I'm just about ready to give up xD


Where is this Japanese version? I'd like to see it. Hey you've put a lot of hard work into this so far Eternity ours has more gameplay features now because you. It's a yukkuri cold war if you will!

just search on livedoor.
Heres my plan for the future, because once again, this version isnt translated into english xD

I'm going to keep working with this version,
however, since we're kind of stuck atm due to a lack of art, as they add to that version, I'll import/rework/rebalance the changes as I see fit and mesh them with this version while I wait.
While they've introduced ALOT more content, they don't have as many features for each yukkuri, no english dialog, and many of the new effects are horribly unbalanced (think original remilia, mine only eats when shes hungry,and doesn't neccessarily kill other yukkuris, just takes a bite out. That said, its a work in progress >.> ), untranslated and the menus are a nightmare.

So while you guys get me art assets, bug reports and ideas, ill work on porting over the japanese side of things like this project originally started as.

(I've already imported the day night cycle, it was honestly super straight forward and basically involves drawing a highly transparent gradient over the entire screen based on the operationTimer. And the gradients are literally just auto generated stuff, so I doubt anyone would complain.)

I'm mildly hesitant to copy anything else though, but if you guys think its ok ill go ahead. Basically I view it as this, they made a nicer version, with alot more art assets, and its not translated. I could simply take their .jar and translate it, but then we'd lose all the features and additions in my version (however poor they may be) and we'd get alot of unwanted junk along with it (none of their yukkuris have english dialog, some of the yukkuri sprites are downright awful, and some of their art decisions tend to be... divisive (I for one, do not welcome giant opaque red speech bubbles to indicate anger).
So I'll leave it up to you guys with what you want to do

We can either:

1.Continue independently, knowing full well that it will take an excessively long time before we have things like stalk birth, if I can even do it at all (I'm horrid at anything involving graphics :/)

2.Abandon this project and simply translate theirs, but losing all unique features of this one (and there actually are some nice ones), all translated dialog and getting alot of very strange design choices that I might not be able to fix for awhile, if at all.

3.Port the additions we think are worthwhile over to this version, implement the yukkuris one at a time with full, proper dialog trees and consistent artstyle sprites, credit them in the code and original post and move on with developing our own version at the same time.

My personal choice is option 3. But I don't want to move forward without some sort of concensus.
I find 1 very depressing, and vaguely hypocritical since all of this is mimisuke's game anyway, and none of us have any right to claim it as our own anyway, so why not just go all the way? They did release their (totally uncommented and mildly incompatible >.> ) source.
2 is miserable, both because I would once again have to add a couple thousand quotation marks, reformat everything, and go through by hand readding dialogue where possible. It would take the longest out of any of the options and is imo the absolute worst of both worlds. Porting sections is alot easier than porting the whole thing.
3, like I said, is my preferred path, I just want concensus is all. It is also, by far, the fastest to having the most working features, and the most complete yukkuri.

In conclusion, i'm mildly bothered by the fact that they still havent updated the version number from 1.13, that if you select to spawn a Patchy, it poops out a reimu, and that they have no crushed sprites for patchy. Or proper beds.



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