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No offense to KusoNingen (whom I thank for his stellar contributions), the last line (congrats x2) seems rather awkward compared to a previous Google scan I did, which simply said "Happy End".

Just a hard translation of one of my favorite. Uses mostly the existing translation, though fixed/changed a bit to make the grammar slightly better. Mostly for personal use which is why it's a bit sloppy but I'll upload it anyways if anyone else want to save it.

Again, pool #1608 is the sequel/spinoff featuring the fate of the wasa

Ahegao said:

Just did sir

Thank you very much.
I added the english tag, for those interested, so it appears alongside the other hard-translated (and tagged) comics.

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Editing this, I just realized the nice little detail of the letter M on Youmu's clothes. I suppose it could've refer to Myon but I think it's more likely serve to show that those clothes were once Marisa's

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