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86985 123724.1 » Little shish, wait no je!
80678 123723.1 » Tum-tum full so sleep sleep Showwy fow taking it sho eajy!
80676 123722.1 » Angelic little one hide behind Reimu's back ok <tn>not sure</tn>
80676 123721.1 » Don't take it easy and hurry up and give mister sweet-sweet orange juice to fix the not-cute little one!
80675 123720.1 » Id'z nod supposed to be like this!! Id'z too much!!! Was a bery cude liddle one!
78892 123719.1 » Hooray no ze!! Marisa is finally becoming a pet!! yu no ze Wait little ones - [Marisa is] bringing back a slave no ze!!
81092 123718.1 » Tomorrow let's do [our] best no je~
88784 123717.1 » By offering pain and at the same time nutrition to yukkuris, this medicine can also act as a kind of yukkuri repellent.
88784 123716.1 » Nozzle comes with barbs
88784 123715.1 » Heaven and hell for yukkuris
63642 123714.1 » Apparently Marisa went into shock, got diarrhea and died. Reimu comforted her sister. When I woke up, both of them were sleeping. Well, see you tomorrow.
63639 123713.1 » Let's start messing around with them. Suddenly confused and afraid, the baby-yu cries. It's interesting so let's keep going for now.
63637 123712.1 » What sisterly love. Apparently these guys are genuine. And only now do they seem to have noticed they're in a strange place. Typical bean paste brain.
65472 123711.1 » Little one's mamu-mamu is great nanoze!
88719 123710.1 » Miss:“To treat such a dirty little thing as a little angel, you really are a dung slave.” Macha is not a shit slave, Macha is going to be a hero, going to be a DOS. How can you lose your lofty ideals because of this trash kid? Thinking of this, Macha killed these two little babies, left home, and walked on the road to realize dream.
88719 123709.1 » After listening to the lady's reminder, Macha did find that the little babies had changed. The baby's round belly, once round and clean, is now covered in shit,wiggles like a maggot. Such little babies are not angels at all, but dung bags.
88719 123708.1 » Miss:Macha,Such a dirty babies can't take it easy! Macha was so angry that the lady was so slandering the babies。 “what are you talking about?Children are like angels, why are you called them trash?Apologize to the children,now!” Miss:“So, may I ask, is taking care of babies a very easy thing?” Macha:“Sure,babies are very take it easy!” Miss:“But look what your children have become?” Macha:“Of course the children are little angels!” Miss:“Is that true?”
88719 123707.1 » Macha was very relieved to see the babies eating delicious food,She feels that the happiest thing in the world is to let the babies take it easy. “There is a lot of food, don't grab it!”
88722 123706.1 » The end
88721 123705.1 » Eeeeeh? What's going on?
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