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Post bug reports with the following information

The other thread is getting clogged with it, and its too hard for me to keep track of what I've fixed, what I haven't and what version these are occurring in. Please keep non-bug report posts to an absolute minimum to avoid clutter.

Version number (shown above the main menu, ex. .245 Commodore Perry Edition)

Bug caused by (If I can't reproduce it, I probably can't fix it)

Describe it: (Is it graphical, numerical, exception? crd)

<insert prayer>

Known Current Version Bugs:
Remilias dont hunt-hunt
stalks don't fall to the ground (same as in jp version)
stalks arent removable at all (just have to add to clean command)
stalks aren't edible? (not 100% sure on this, someone test pls)
Lots of missing sprites, as expected, ze
resolution issues, will require alot of rewriting and isnt happening this week
Clean all is broken
Weird birth kills sometimes happen at max speed. Could be a hunger thing...
Remilia doesn't grow on stalks

Updated by WXRunThisTown

Some bug ive had since always: i have two monitors, and for reason after i select the third yu on the selection screen it bugs out and doesnt show the options anymore

Starting some applications crashes it. It tosses that error of "Java Runtime Environment has found an error and needs to close". It usually happens when I launch Warframe, 100% of the time.


- Graphical: Patchouli and Alice try to flap their respective hairs, to glitchy effect.

- Graphical: Patchouli's hat doesn't adjust to perspective (unlike Marisa's) whenever she's pooping/birthing, etc.

- Gameplay: Super-rapist Alice rapes corpses. If placed on a OJ pool with a pregnant yukkuri, she'll get stuck on "horny" state.

- Graphical: Blinding and muting Patchy doesn't align. In all, I think Patchy's sprites are due for a better version. Mine are not too good.

- Graphical/gameplay: The upper border of the yukkurium seems to be disaligned. That is, yukkuris can walk on the upper wall, and the dialog clips as a result.

- Interface/code: Save and Load doesn't work. At least, not for me.

That so far. Don't know which have been posted and which haven't. Just trying to keep it tidy and explaining what I've found :)

I feel the hitbox is slightly buggy when I resize the game, like Artistical pointed out.

Running .245e next to 113-cantreadcode (last official) it becomes more visible:
- poo poo aligns more 'south' in .245e
- resizing the game (1600x900) sets it more similar to 113-cantreadcode, but still off, plus it adds the 'extra area' with wrong floor at the 'north'
- resizing the game (1280x1024) creates an even larger gap in the hitbox, but towards 'north', poo poo stays close to the upper border of the toilet, and the 'extra area' there is larger than a koyukkuri

It looks like there may be a good size that 'fix' this hitbox issue but I'm not able to find it in either of my 2 monitors, which leads me to believe that's why the japanese modding community chose to have 'premade' resolutions instead of free resize that makes the hitboxes go wild.

Patchy badges are a sprite issue, she has none. Generally speaking, if an effect doesn't show up on a yukkuri, it means I need sprites

Stalk babies are never born, and when are born, automatically die. Even Marisas.
I took a Reimu off a stalk, put it in orange pool... and so far, when it dies, the pool can revive it. :U

It's a known problem, though for the life of me I cant figure out why. Gonna have a friend look over the code tomorrow hopefully.

Could only try for a couple of minutes (I'm at work) but so far, stalk kos are transparent and Super Shithead dialog gets stuck at "feed me easy".

kos are transparent only for the first minute or so, its to simulate them growing. They start transparent, without braids or accessories and will grow them over time.
The shithead dialog was for testing the cannibalism method easier, just dont use anko, or scold them to make them a regular shithead and it shouldn't happen.

I fixed the missing Patchy for the JP version. Copy/paste the folder with the sprites in the accomplanying folder into the game itself (which has simple Reimu sprites labeled under Patch).

Can't save or open.
Don't know if this is a glitch or not, but i bought 15 Reimus. Not even one was a wasareimu. >:U
How rare did you make that thing?

Does it still function normally though? Like is it the same as it always was?

And you have better odds of getting an unusual type from breeding than from the menu, in the case of aquatic marinas, there may also be a condition to fulfill...

For the rev253:
repair the trail and please repair completely the saves or at least make a list of things that broke them (because even with only the yus they still broke every time)

Forest items didn't come up when I chose them originally.

'default' background is all screwed up.

I can no longer choose the house or the field after choosing the default background.

The stick doesn't seem to actually do anything, it's purely cosmetic.

There doesn't seem to be any difference between wild yu and store yu.

99% chance that the babies on a stalk will only appear as the mother's type.

Eternity said:
Does it still function normally though? Like is it the same as it always was?

And you have better odds of getting an unusual type from breeding than from the menu, in the case of aquatic marinas, there may also be a condition to fulfill...

I don't think you get to be cryptic and add mysterious things until you fix the main game itself.

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