One Yukkuri Place



JusticeItEasy said:
Plus the room is too small the splash damage will probably wound anon and kill flan, we need to make this slow and precise!

. . .

Let's cook them with plasma! slooooooowly!

NO fastly,god speed ma boi!

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  • JusticeItEasy said:
    Ramune Candies, that's probably what they are and you know what Ramune does to yu's.

    Anon is probably preparing them for a long session of punishment, meanwhile he takes care of flan, after all, he can't let Flan die just to punish the shits in the moment, specially when you can make them go asleep and punish them later.

    My was is BFG9000,or black magic,or a 22,of eat them........"DOOM IT EASY YOU SHITYU'S" gotta yell that before you kill them

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