One Yukkuri Place



Well, that was kind of lame.

EasyV said:

I translated them as-is, should they be reversed instead?

Yeah, just swap them. It's the meaning that's important.

Hitosura said:

Mimas are chaotic evil -- they kill all yukkuri.

[citation needed]

Mima-sama can take it very easy! Understand it easy!

Thought it was a Luna from the thumbnail, but now that I've got it full size I see big hair, rope and onbashira. Looks like a Kanako to me.

What I really want to know is, why the hell is Sanae saying "God is dead"?

EasyV said:
It's a pity LOLK yukkuri are so rare, I'd love me some Junko or Weird Shirt-san

Cirno posted a Junko and Hecatia story on mister YFT just recently you know? Sorry for being so proactive!