One Yukkuri Place



I'll help translate the rectangles best I can...

"I wonder <unparsable> will decrease." (unsure)

"You haven't smelled anything sweet up to this point..." (unsure)

"Had to imagine the unknown taste." (unsure)

"Entire body is trembling and can't wait to get abused." (unsure)

-- (unparsable)

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  • Mariodante said:
    Must her anticipation end with her own excrement!?

    What else would it end with?

    Mariodante also said:
    It is wrong to cut down a stray dog only for lifting its leg unknowingly at a samurai's gate, and yet Mister will not allow Koreimu's inevitable childishness to go unpunished on his soil!

    It's a koyukkuri. Its sole purpose in life is to be punished and abused with or without reason. I find nothing pitiable about her existence.

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