One Yukkuri Place



JusticeItEasy said:
Since it seems this was a 1 yu farm raid.

It's proportion is small, perhaps a wicked mother sent her ko on a suicide to retrieve some sweet-sweets. It claims it's serving the world a good purpose, but it's infiltration of someone's personal domain says on the opposite and then proceeds to spurt obvious lies.

JusticeItEasy said:

I prefer the asshole wizard theory because there is a patter with yu's chronology that may imply "someone" creating the whole scenario for their nefarious or trollish plans.

1) Yukkuris suddenly appear in Gensokyo and in the beginning everything was fine (the true origin is still a mystery)
2) At some point a great deal of them start acting like shitheads alienating the locals, even though the yu's originally were only nice and easy, suddenly a great deal of them are bad and both gensokyo folk and good yu's have to suffer them.
3) Somehow the hakurei barriers falls or yukkuris are transported outside gensokyo to the real world were humans only experience the modified version instead of the original "only nice" version of the beginning.

If you ask me that sounds like someone is pulling a Zelretch style of troll modifying or creating bad yukkuris and then releasing them to the outside world and enjoy the extra stress they bring to mankind.

I still imagine the classical computerized voice yukkuris where you can use them as relaxation assortments and they keep the classical look on their face and are nigh-indestructible still roaming the wilderness somewhere.

Humanity created illustrations of thieving and morbidly obscene creatures, which is vital reflection of the trauma that humanity has endured. All negative aspects of a current person working on conceiving personal abominations will administrate the worst aspects of himself and what that person perceives as morally incorrect. If yukkuris are related to mankind and very similar in nature why halt at just paste people, why not expand global justice upon all concepts that negatively influence and damage the cycles that surround us. Or is it just entertaining to watch horrible people get what's coming to them. Well magical constructs really defy my logic so what the hell, justice all uneasy yukkuris!!! I also blame Eirin's new shady for the things hopping around. And why isn't there some disorganized religion that yukkuris follow like, instead of Judaism, it's Yudaism. Taking away a person faith is like killing them. I also didn't realize the hazard the posed for harvesting and human welfare, home invasions and stealing are rightly punishable by law, if yukkuris can't comprehend the idea of discipline then execution is set by example. So I realize the significance in abyusing in the first place. If there's a health hazard such as yus attracting bacteria into public places without the proper knowledge that can also pose a massive issue for neighborhoods and the wellbeing of any living person in the area. Say if a home invasion occurs and gutter trash conducts a raid, if they are in possession of an deadly illness that can infect humans, I openly see the concern in people's eyes.

Well, I wouldn't say they exist to be slaughtered. The horrendous behavior of yukkuris are the darkest aspects of humanity in the real world. Sure, a yukkuri may steal, rape or murder another yukkuri, but the don't commit mass genocide, international environmental devastation, production of weapons capable of mass extinction and total dictatorship over their entire species. The disturbing actions taken by the yukkuri are a reflection of the harsh reality we dwell in. Though I do support the reprocussion of if something is disrespectful, discipline is necessary.

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