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Extra Notes:
*I made some grammar\spelling mistakes, please forgive
*My theory is Rare shitheads are just as common as common shitheads
*The post was not meant to say what I think abyuse storie writers think, it was meant to show the how bias portraying ANY yukkuri as all pure or all shithead
*It was not an attack on (titan) the creators of abyuse pictures. It was showing the messed up world of the yukkuri world
*I like flan yukkuri is, do not kill me please

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    Kinda bias if you think of it
    The Flandre is portrayed as sweet and innocent (even though they are portrayed to BULLY other yukkuri!), while the Reimu is portrayed as annoying and got punished for being annoying.Please note that it's not impossible to behavior train something in a humane way, as even the most vicious dogs can be turned into the sweetest dogs you've ever seen (trust me, this happened to my dog). So this must mean, that if said yukkuri is a common type (that isn't remilia or Flandre) they must be annoying and be killed in the most brutal way possible. Plus, abyuse stories almost always have a reimu, marisa or alice as the victim, and they are most likely shithead, thus people think all reimus\marisas\alices are evil and stupid and must be punished and is portrayed as a good thing. However, yukkuri like Flandre,are portrayed as angels (like I said are known to bully others!) and any using them is bad and immoral. Unforante Implications indeed (though flans can and have been portrayed as evil hunters which is also kinda biased, even though it is part of their nature to eat other yukkuri. Bullying is a different matter, in which not all flans do it, like how not all commons are shithead. The problem is portraying either side as innocent creatures who would never do anything wrong, which is impossible for any person, animal, or this case, yukkuri) TL;DR: Abyuse is kinda bias

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