One Yukkuri Place



Ctmbottomtext said:

Yukkuris accessories always look that they are glued to their hair

Yukkuri prevent their accesory fell off their heads because they concentrate their power of believe onto it

when they get distracted their accesory it detaches from the hair and falls

Adding on that, macha is starving.

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  • doingyourmom said:

    I’m not sure what femanon is saying here or what motivated her to punch the Mohawk, because that Mohawk seemingly was responsible for killing the Marisa, but that Marisa was also seemingly getting on the femanon’s nerves. Perhaps femanon simply recognizes that is technically destruction of property and thus disapproves? Maybe she’s mad she didn’t get to do it herself? I guess we’ll never know until it gets translated.

    Kuse- n da yo, hage!
    It stinks, baldhead!

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  • Holy fucking shit its Pageratta! I constantly forgetting that Yukkuri is a doujin of Touhou lol. Nice to see a familiar art, outside of the Yukkuri ones.

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  • And the weeabooest username champion is...

    HikarinoYami said:

    Actually I don't understand kanji/hiragana or even katakana I'm just guessing At least i understand from the emotion and image

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  • saline said:

    personally I find the abuse where they deform yukkuri but keep them alive kind of sadistic, the keeping alive apart always goes too far for me, I mean they're yukkuri... I wouldn't even do that to someone like Hitler.

    That's the main feature of abyuse kiddo.
    We are all here because we're too afraid to do it to real human/pets. These are imaginary talking mochi. Let it suffer till the end of time.

    Or maybe the cute ones are the one for you, not the abyuse one.

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  • Shitty humannnn! If you put a finger on cuuutee Reimu, slaves from across the world will not let it slide!

    If you understand bring sweet-sweet as an apology and cute Reimu will let you live as a poopoo slave!

    That's why don't bully Reimu!

    If you bully cute Reimu it wilda- y- BAMM!!!

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