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New Sin Yukkuri Save files

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I have a new Sim Yukkuri save file for you.

In fact, I have a bunch of Sim Yukkuri files for you.
The first one is a challenge. You see, I kept a bunch of yukkuri in an orange pool overnight and went from over 2 million dollars to -$34 million.

The only think keeping me from dumping the file is that I have lots of hybrids and and a Dosu in that file.

The second one is represented by this picture. I placed all of the niceheads on the left and the shitheads on the right.

Most of the ones on the left are Yuukas, Chens, Rans and nicehead hybrids, while the ones on the left are shithead hybrids with a few Remius and Deibus.

The Rest are just other saved files with lots of hybrids