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Mr. Bugs can't take it easy.

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Clicking on the "My Account" link results in a 15 to 20-second wait and afterwards, the following pops up: "The database timed out running your query."

This means I can't access my account information. I'm scared to log out because I don't know if I'll be able to log back in.

Sounds like somebody forgot to put mister index on mister database table (assuming it's properly keyed of course).

Mister index is right where he should be; mister query engine isn't using them right for some reason...

Ok, I just restarted Postgres and now its using the indexes correctly. I'm not really familiar with Postgres, does anyone know what might have caused that?

I don't know the Postgres engine at all. It would probably help to check any documentation regarding schema modification. It wouldn't hurt to look for a known issues log (or patches) for the version that you are using.

Usually we just reboot the server when this happens, but this happens every once in a while. Not much we can do about it unfortunately...

Okuu did puff-puff and mister deletion grew on its own.

Mister profile is still taking it too easy though...

Are the issues related to the Danbooru version that OYP is using? If so, does it cost considerable amount of time and money to update Danbooru?

It's the posgresql DB. It randomly loses the index so the queries take a really long time. Usually restarting helps but it's just a bandaid fix. Not sure what causes it to be honest.

I'm not sure entirely, would require some testing. The older danbooru version was only compatible up to a certain point. I'm not comfortable enough with server backend to be honest, toawa does 100% of the work related to it. I just pay the bills.

I don't know if this was discussed already somewhere else, but when making notes, there is a button labeled as "mark as translated", which adds the tag "translated_available"
It should be "translation_available" (or what is more appropriate) instead

yeah, that's a known bug. I just have an alias setup to run, can't find the hard coded value in the code for some reason.

I keep getting a "ERROR: prepared statement "a567" already exists" message when I want to upload, post comment or add a pic to pool. What's the problem?

Something that comes up now and again. I think it's a Danbooru glitch. I forget the exact specifics.

I'm getting that too now. Also "Statement cancelled due to statement timeout" × lots. Can't take it easy.

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