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So, I only recently registered, but I've been lurking for so long that I've gone through all of the pools, well, at least 1323 of them as of November 8 last year.

It's mostly because I love yukkuri, everything from haa to hy835230, but it's also to improve my japanese; after all, yukkuri only speak in hiragana and the slurring is a good way to practice identifying words.

Now let's say I translated "【Yu Abuse】 Wild, yes yes / 15 pages (y)" to the best of my ability and have all the dialogue saved in a file.

How would one go about adding notes? I presume posting the translation as comments is frowned upon, since I haven't seen it for some time, and that it's very uneasy to have to scroll down, read, scroll up, look, scroll down, read and so on.

I couldn't find anything on making notes, the help:notes was empty, and the forum was a little bit too hard to search (can't search for title) and any info I might have found there might not even have been up to date.

there should be a add notes link on the right side, under options
it should be the same as danbooru's notes system (correct me if im wrong), you can check their help:notes section

Quote25 said:
there should be a add notes link on the left side, under options

Once you've hit that:

1) Click and drag to draw a rectangle on the image (you can move/resize it afterwards).
2) Hover the mouse over the box, and click on the popup.
3) Type your text and hit save. You can use HTML tags for formatting.
4) If you (or someone else) made a mistake, go back to step 2. You don't have to be in note-adding mode.

Once you're finished, please retag the image from translation_request to translation_available or partial_translation. If you're not sure you got it right, add check_translation as well.

Don't use the automatic tagging on the note screen, and leave the untranslated tag in place. For historical reasons, translated is only for hard translations on OYP.