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how do i become a yukkuri comic artist?

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i'm good at drawing yukkuris and i want to make yukkuri comic. i want to be as famous as takumi and big g. which website do they use to post their stuff?

If you go through the list of artists, some of them have links back to their host website. Maybe you can find a few trails there. I know a sizable portion of content comes from pixiv.

Why not start here? There's people from around the world that come here..even some artists occasionally pop in. So OYP does get exposure, although there's little original work to make it stand out from Pixiv. If you're really that good, people will find your work wherever you post. And you'd be a big fish in a small pond, here.

oyp is probably the most noticeable outside of japan. 2ch doesn't allow overseas IP (go use an vpn or something) and they don't really care much about overseas artists unless they're really good. If you want to draw just post it up here.

You can also gain exposure by attending our weekly pixiv Chat sessions Friday or Saturday depending on your time zone. There, you may even meet a famous yukkuri artist, like Miyakeko or HAA! Speaking of which, it should start by now (at the time of this post).