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Creating A Pool

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I came across several unattributed pictures in some of the old stuff. I've been around long enough to know who did them, but considering there's ~10 images, does that deserve a pool? They're all related. If so, what do you populate the spaces for creating a pool with? Thanks in advance.

They're under "nightmare fuel" on pages 5 and 6. I noticed the artist wasn't tagged, but it's clearly Gesuaki, and it's all malformed Reimus. I added the name but since it is several pictures (I know I added tagged ~10 pictures, anyway), I wondered if they didn't merit pooling the collection with some proper name like (say) Gesuaki Mutant One-Shots. But maybe "nightmare fuel" is enough.

I think it's somewhat redundant, since you can get to the pictures by looking for "gesuaki" + "nightmare_fuel". Pools should really be for certain types of pictures you otherwise wouldn't find together with those tags. However a "Mutants" pool featuring random 1 shot mutants would be perfectly fine.