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Tag Aliasing

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There are some tags I've run across that aren't incorrect but are essentially duplicates. So far, it's alternate spellings. For example, there's sikieiki_yamaxanadu and shikieiki_yamaxanadu. I also came across this with hinanai_tenshi and hinanawi_tenshi. I re-tagged the "hinanai" pictures with "hinanawi" since there was less and only later thought about aliasing. How are tags aliased and is it done on an administrative level?

you should just list them all in a topic or something. I can do mass edits/aliases and its easier for me to fix than for you to go through 1 by 1.

I found three:

kurodani_yamame and kurodane_yamame

hinanai_tenshi and hinanawi_tenshi

sikieiki_yamaxanadu and shikieiki_yamaxanadu

we had a lot of those.

Kurodane_yamame -> kurodani_yamame
hinanai_tenshi -> hinanawi_tenshi
sikieki_yamaxanadu -> shikieiki_yamaxanadu

Does that look about right?