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Has it been posted?

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Given the mistakes I made (sorry easy!), which anyone could easily repeat, I'd like to ask: Has it been posted here?
I'm talking about a story by Kuyagiyu (who has deleted his Pixiv account with most of his works):

These are the first 4 slides, searching by artist doesn't show it, same with google search by image, but I prefer to trust those who are here longer than me.

Was it posted here? If not, I can upload it.

Also, a "was it posted here before" general thread, I guess.


When I found this place, I checked the whole gallery, and I don't remember reading anything like that
Or, at least, I would remember a comic with that style
I found myself in a similar situation, though thankfully the site recognized that I was posting the same image (alas, we can't really totally trust tags, and I don't help with that admittedly)
I'd say go for it anyway, worst case scenario we can say that you have the higher resolution ones

BaronMind said:

I don't think I've even seen that style before. Looks awesome though.

Cirno has seen that style.

Looks like a Kuyagiyu work. Speaking of which, his tag is completely fucked. It only has one page indexed despite Yugyakuri having like 5 pages worth of material by itself. Which is honestly a damn shame, considering he deleted his Pixiv and you can really only find his works by scavenging around.


Yes to both.
I don't remember the artists so I can't search them, but they've been uploaded already.

Cosmos said:

First one is pool #1786 (untranslated)
Second one is pool #1147 (translation_available but only some of them)

Thanks for the info.
Let's just keep it up with new material then.