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What Yukkuri artists do outside of Yukkuri stuff

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There's a decent amount of artists doing Yukkuri stuff who's art quality is well above what should normally be dedicated to meme balls, which makes me think either well established artists dabble (more like dabbled) into Yukkuris occasionally, or artists got their start on Yukkuri and moved on to more mainstream things as time went on. The other day I found a non-Yukkuri work from big.g ( NSFW obviously) and I chuckled at how different his normal artstyle is from his Yukkuri one. But it made me think about what former artists out there are doing bigger things.

Kiriraitaa pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth a few years ago Yukkuri wise, but his art was good enough to assume that he didn't just stop drawing altogether. Kiriraitaa, as a name, is itself a Yukkuri reference, so I'm not surprised he wouldn't use it for normal things, though I am surprised big.g is comfortable with using the same name for both. I bet it would be interesting to track down what he does nowadays.

Tani Takeshi does a lot of stuff (even with paper comics, as far as I know)
His "Touhou 4koma" is the longest and longest-running yukkuri comic on the web (more than 2000 pages)
Really, just for that comic alone "osatou yukkuri" should be called "tani yukkuri"

I've seen a lot of them with touhou fan art. Quite a few of them have separate accounts strictly for yukkuri stuff vs their normal stuff though. Understandable given how polarized the community around yukkuris are.

I have also seen some non-yukkuri art from Aglet, Takumi, and HAA. All have done both Touhou and original works; some rated R-18.

Fly is still alive and kicking, drawing non-yukkuri stuff. Haven't been able to stalk spot any other OYP artists, but I hope they are too, because it'd be a waste of great talent if they're not.

I totally understand if they'd rather keep their 'real' identities hidden though.